Educating the head, heart and hand” 
Booker T. Washington 

In an academy-par learning environment where we emphasize
development of character, healthy behavior, an optimistic attitude
then academics, we provide one-on-one and small group direct
teaching, homework assistance, tutoring, and character mentoring to our
students in grades 1-12.  We emphasize the following fundamentals:
homework assistance and tutoring; reading, writing and standard English fluency;
Math skills proficiency; study skills and focus; and overall grade-level proficiency.

In a community where only 3 percent of the students at the local High
School are reading at or above the national average, our kids will be prepared
and expected to excel academically and personally.

Research and Homework Assistance: By combining a child’s natural
enthusiasm and desire to learn with the quality instruction and resources
we provide at Strive, our kids develop the confidence, attitude and mental
scaffolding to propel them upward. We help our children understand the
importance of habituating the intellectual values of hard work, rigorous study
habits and organized goal-setting.

Protege resources: Emphasis on academic and moral guidance.
One on one and group workshops on the benefits of optimism,
persistence and the consequences of your choices.

Guest speakers and workshops: To guide, motivate and inspire the
potential in children and youth.  Speakers of accomplishment who
speak on the values of disciplined persistence and drive, vision,
hard work and preparation.

Field trips: Eye-opening experiences critical to the development
of a healthy perspective and the opportunities available when you
are academically and personally prepared.