We appreciate your investment in our kids and our efforts with them. 



Whatever investment you make in our kids and Strive, please consider making an annual commitment.   The consistency of this “living endowment” gives us a hedge against the vagaries of stock market jitters and other financial uncertainties. This core group of donors are the backbone of our efforts and sustain our ongoing operations and program needs.

Pay With Stripe

Strive accepts donations of securities/stocks. Please email Jim@Strive-la.org for account information.


Please consider investing in Strive with your time and energy. We have a variety of program needs and welcome volunteers interested in helping with tutoring or the day to day operations of Strive. (We ask that volunteers wishing to tutor have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.) If you are interested please email Don Anderson at don@strive-la.org. Or just send us a message through the website:

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