…not too long ago a local family foundation held their Board meeting here at Strive.  We now extend that offer to all.  Consider what an effective way this is to let your Board members dip their toes into this community – a community they discuss, vote on, invest in and fund consistently and substantially.

We offer our conference & Board room free of charge. Lunch, snacks & beverages charged at cost.  Breakfast & lunch menu available.

Board Room Specs:


Music • Speakers • Authors

  • Conference Table seating:  20
  • Assembly seating: 90
  • 3770 sq. feet in the conference room / 11,000 square feet, total facility
  • 2600 sq. foot Ruby Courtyard, entirely enclosed
  • Cable & WIFI available
  • 55’ flat screen, internet & PowerPoint ready
  • Enclosed parking available
  • Available for morning & lunch meetings till 1:30 pm

If interested in scheduling your next Board meeting at Strive please call Don Anderson at 323.779.7501 or email him at Don@Strive-la.org.  We look forward to seeing you here.

Intimate salon-style gatherings of noted musicians, accomplished speakers, authors & other performers presented as fundraising mini-events at Strive. Strive is also available for Breakfast meetings – brunches – lunch meetings – association & board meetings.