Thanks for your donation! Here is another chance for you to win more gifts or a gift card.

Ask your friends/family to also donate.

Starting May 15th, up until June 28, any friends or family that donate to Strive via Standtogether gets rewarded.

Simply have your referrals follow the instructions, but have them add your handle name in the “comment” section and we will take care of the rest.

You can also look at the Standtogether (hyperlink) page to verify your referrals donation.

Here are the reward systems we are offering. Although you have until June 28th, you can trade what you earned with your referrals for gift at any time after May 10th. Just reach out to us.

Option 1:

Depending on the referral(s) total amount raised, half of that amount yields a gift from Strive Pledge.

Option 2:

Interested in getting a gift card, earn multiples of 10% per referral (50% max) of the total amount raised.


-Maximum 5 referrals?

-Limit to $100 Gift Card