Strive Pledge

Three Easy Steps:

  1. Click on our link.

  2. Write @Instagram or @Facebook handle name in the   “Show this name in the donation scroll” section.   

     (Do not check on the “Hide Name” or “Amount” boxes)

  3. Fill out credit/debit card and email information (we can help at Strive as well).



+ What if I don't claim my reward before June 28th?

Any gifts not claimed after June 28th will be simply be donated back to Strive.

+ What if I simply want to donate cash?

As much as we prefer that you donate via StandTogether, since every donation is matched, we can still offer you a gift from the Strive Pledge list. However, gift amounts will not be the same. You will need to ask the front desk at Strive for updated list.

+ How does the gift card program work?

You earn multiples of 10% per referral (50% max) of the total amount raised. This means, that if you get 4 friends or family to donate a total of $50, you get 10%x4 = 40% of $50 = $20 gift card.

+ What if I my reward adds to a $23.50 gift card, will I get that?

No, since we give gift cards in $5 increments, we would round down in this case and you would receive a $20 gift card.

+ Still have questions, contact us.

Direct questions or concerns to Mr. Casey Sanchez.