Think $mall…(lots and lots of you!)…so we can think big.

We prefer $100 donations from 1000 separate individuals than $100,000 from one individual – it builds a broad, stable donor base of individuals with a concerned investment in our students and our efforts with them.

We humbly ask & challenge you to pick a number and make it an annual commitment – then challenge your friends, family and employer to match it! We’re thinking small to build $250,000 in annual commitments – that’s only 1000 of you @ $250!

Donation options below: Paypal, Check or donation of securities. Please email for account information when wanting to make a donation of securities or stocks.

En Masse & Match It: For you Executives, CEO’s, Directors of Community Relations and all employers, we ask you to challenge your employees En Masse & Match It either personally or witha corporate gift.

We already think big: We are A Mini Campus for Inner City Children in the Watts community of South LA, founded in 1990. After-School Academics & Arts; ESL, Parenting & Nutrition classes for our parents; Summer jobs & community clean-up for our teens; Program & campus expansion (renovations); Unique field trips earned by our students (Yosemite/Bass Lake video) …launching a for-profit venture, see…all toward the eventuality of adding a Private Middle School to our existing facility and planned expansion.(see unique features & plans of our Private Middle School here)