Think $mall… so we can think big.


Strive is a mini-campus for inner-city youth, providing academic, arts, and guidance resources to students attending some of the poorest performing schools in LA.  Exalting and sanctuarial, Strive is a safe haven for kids from the thorny issues and extra challenges they face on these streets every day.

We are asking you to Think Small because we  prefer $100 donations from 1000 separate individuals than $100,000 from one individual.  It contributes to a broad, stable donor base of individuals with a concerned investment in our students and our efforts with them.

We humbly ask & challenge you to pick a number and make it an annual commitment – then challenge your friends, family and employer to match it! We’re thinking small to build $500,000 in annual commitments – that’s only 2000 of you @ $250!

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