Bass Lake & Yosemite

-2019 Will Be Our 16th Year-

It is a magical trip to this incredible place.  For inner city kids who’ve never seen a dark, star-lit sky, swam in a warm water mountain lake, splashed around in a sparkling river, seen a shooting star, listened to natures silence, looked into the eyes of a deer, giggled at the antics of raccoons on the deck, put their arms around a Sequoia, or felt the solace that nature and a quieter life can provide – it is an experience that alters the very way our students (and our local staff) see life’s possibilities !  Again I say it is magical – for all of us…


Bass Lake - 2018


Bass Lake - 2015

Bass Lake - 2014

Bass Lake - 2013

Bass Lake - 2012

Bass Lake 2011

Bass Lake - 2010

Bass Lake - 2009