Jim Tetreau
Founder & Project Director

Jim is a writer.


Don Anderson Jr.
Co-Founder & Program Director

Don is an artist.


Cynthia Martinez
Academic Coordinator

Cynthia recently graduated from California State University Dominguez Hills, with a BA in Liberal Studies.  She is currently pursuing her multi-subject teaching credential also at Dominguez Hills.  Cynthia directs testing and assessment, and guides our teaching staff.  With nine years of experience teaching at Strive, she helps train new staff and supports their efforts in the classroom.



Guadalupe Guatemala
Lead Instructor- 5th Grade

Guadalupe has received her associate degree in natural sciences, and is working on transferring to UCLA for her bachelor's in biology. She has worked as a tutor for the past two years with children from K-12 all over LA County and has seen first hand the need for places like Strive- a safe, healthy loving and structural facility where kids not only get help with their homework but also learn valuable life lessons.
"I feel honored to work for Strive."



Casey Sanchez
Lead Instructor- High School

Casey graduated from UC San Diego with a masters in Material Science and Engineering. In addition, he has holds degrees in Physics (B.S.) and Applied Math (B.A.) from California State University, Fullerton. Casey has participated in a variety of academic and research experiences, which he hopes to share in great detail with Strive students; especially to those interested in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Above all, Casey hopes to give each hard-working Strive student the tools needed to pursue an enriching life after high school.



Soledad Campos
Student Instructor

Soledad is currently receiving her AA at LA Trade Tech. Soledad was a student at Strive when she was a child and returned to Strive as a volunteer. She is now part of our staff team and has been working at Strive for over two years sharing her passion for baking with our Strive Bakery and Cafe and assisting lead staff. 


Joana Estrada
Lead Instructor - 2nd Grade

Joana is another past Strive alumni and has been working at Strive for over two years. She is currently attending Santa Monica College pursuing a degree in communications. Working at Strive has given her a positive perspective towards her community. She enjoys being able to contribute to such a wonderful program and assists our lead staff in the classrooms.



Ike Fortner
Middle School Instructor -Theater Instructor

Ike Fortner is a recent graduate of Roosevelt University, earning a BFA in Musical Theater. Before and during college Ike honed his teaching skills by volunteering for a variety of nonprofits, as well as teaching acting classes back home in Colorado. Ike has a strong interest in both Education and Psychology and hopes to attend Graduate School for School Psychology. Ike is thrilled to be at Strive, and believes in the work he does.



Matthew Otero Lead Instructor- 3rd Grade

Having graduated from California State University Fullerton, Matthew Otero was ready to advance his professional career. He worked with the Anaheim Family YMCA, teaching Film to high school students and a non-profit after school program in Fullerton. He has worked with the best possible people, promoting an exciting and progressive environment in the classroom.


Student staff from left David, Daniel, Justin, Keven, Marcos and Issac.

Student staff from left David, Daniel, Justin, Keven, Marcos and Issac.


Keven Vargas Pineda is sophomore at Cathedral High School, located in Downtown Los Angeles. He enjoys video and photo editing, playing basketball and skateboarding. His passion for learning how to edit videos and photos led him to explore the world of Graphic Design and possibly turn it into a career. Even though he is still fairly young he plans on being able to make his family proud and look up to him despite his age.

Justin Blake Perez  is a Junior at Cathedral High School. His hobbies include playing basketball, skateboarding and spending time with friends and family. His long-term goal is to pursue a higher education and a successful life. 

Daniel Ontiveros is a senior at Cathedral High School. He is proud to call him self a Christian. He plans on attending Cal Poly Pomona where he’ll study computer or civil engineering, and pursue a masters from USC.