After-School Academics & Arts

In an academy-par learning environment and facility, we provide exemplary academic and guidance resources to children, youth and their families in the Watts community of Los Angeles. Exalting and sanctuarial, Strive is a safe haven for kids from the thorny issues and extra challenges they face on these streets every day.

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What we do:
STRIVE – teach our students the meaning of the word ‘Strive’ and ask them to adopt as a study and work ethic.  Work very hard and then some…!
 Stress healthy behavior, willing attitude then academics.
 Help our students reach grade-level proficiency at minimum.
  Help our families raise educated, independent, well-mannered young ladies and gentlemen.

Immediate Goals::
Operating and program budget needs as of 09.06.2019: (440,000).
Capital/construction/renovation drive: Renovate portions of existing facility built in 1938 combined with expansion/construction of adjoining property. Plans and estimates in progress.

Value Statement

We encourage our children to think and project themselves not as victims, but as individually responsible stewards of their own behavior, choices and the resulting course they choose for their lives.

Education, Independence and Perseverance

From a "character is paramount" foundation, we help children and youth develop an ethic of individual responsibility for their behavior and choices, internalize high personal expectations and exercise rigorous academic and learning skills development.

In developing their moral and academic capacities, they learn that strength of character, hard work, wiser choices, individual responsibility and a work ethic applied to their studies and their life are the path out of poverty.

To help our students internalize these values, we focus on the fundamentals of

English Literacy
Mathematical Proficiency
Computer and Information Literacy

We do not not seek government funds…
“When you’re funded by the government...
you end up toning down moral messages
of responsibility and hard work.”

– Sister Connie Driscoll