Our most pressing needs… and how you can help:












Current operating needs in order of priority, as of 6.26.2018
Operating funds deficit for 12 months of operation: ($422,110) / Operating Budget $765,110.
Total Current Program Operating Needs (Pre-construction): $422,110
Working towards launch of performance-caliber youth chorus.
Adding morning Pre-Ed program (PEP) for students aged 4-5 with parenting/adult ESL classes.
Adding members to our Board of Directors   (see board member criteria here)

Strive accepts donations of securities/stocks. Please email Jim@Strive-la.org for account information.


Please also consider:

  • With our recent acquisition of the adjoining property Strive now owns half the block.
  • We have 100% equity in our Mini Campus and we are debt free.
  • Not one cent of grants, gifts, donations or revenue goes to rent, mortgage or lease expense.  
  • All gifts are efficiently utilized in program instruction, materials and general operations.